Вантажi: Scrap

Steel scrap market // Week 2

January 19, 2024

            Turkish steel mills continue purchasing imported steel scrap to provide operations in February. Despite quite active negotiations in the second half of the week, the number of fresh deals has been not that significant as many traders expected.

Steel scrap market // Week 52, 2023 – week 1, 2024

January 12, 2024

            Demand for imported steel scrap was weakening in Turkey in late December as local metallurgists faced difficulties in selling finished steel products. In early January, however, buying interest increased slightly, and several deals were concluded at a bit higher prices.

Steel scrap market // Week 51

December 29, 2023

            This week has finished without a single purchase of imported steel scrap by Turkish consumers, which is quite typical for this time of year. Local mills are currently focused on selling finished steel products. Meanwhile, main scrap producers have left the market for Christmas holidays.

Steel scrap market // Week 50

December 21, 2023

            Turkish steel scrap importers have finished the week without any fresh deals due to a large gap in offer and demand prices. Moreover, neither exporters nor importers are so far ready to make at least any concessions to find a compromise in prices.

Steel scrap market // Week 49

December 15, 2023

            Steel scrap prices on the rise in Turkey. Suppliers successfully stand their ground, aiming to raise the quotes due to shortage of scrap and the approaching holiday season. Buyers accept the new prices and actively entering into new deals.

Steel scrap market // Week 48

December 7, 2023

            Quotes for imported scrap steel continue to strengthen in Turkey, although sales of finished steel products still leave much to be desired there. Local mills continue accepting higher prices as they need scrap with urgent shipments.

Steel scrap market // Week 47

December 1, 2023

            Trade has strengthened somewhat on the Turkish steel scrap market, although most importers still refrain from active purchases amid sluggish sales and rather low prices of finished steel products.

Steel scrap market // Week 46

November 23, 2023

            Quotes for imported steel scrap keep are climbing up in Turkey owing to quite lively demand. ISM sources reported a number of fresh deals for the supply of steel scrap from the US and Europe.